L004 Westruther Old Church (Edition size 25) L007 Melrose Abbey in Mist (Edition size 25) L010 Fishing the Tweed at Leaderfoot (Edition size 25) L014 Smailholm Tower (Edition size 25)
L015 Netherdale - Gala RFC (Edition size 25) L020 Melrose Abbey (Sepia) (Edition size 25) L022 Dryburgh Abbey (Edition size 25) L030 St Boswells (Edition size 25)
L044 Melrose Square (Edition size 50) L052 The Horse (Edition size 50) L053 Kelso Square (Panorama) (Edition size 25) L061 Jedburgh Castle Jail (Edition size 50)
L062 The Greenyards II (Edition size 50) L063 Jedburgh Abbey from Todlaw (Edition size 50) L069 Eildon Village (Edition size 50) L074 Kelso Abbey (Edition size 50)
L084 Kelso from the Air (Edition size 50) L086 Lauder from the Air (Edition size 50) L093 Kelso from the Air II (Edition size 50) L095 The Greenyards in Autumn (Edition size 50)
L098 Galashiels from the Air (Edition size 50) L101 Smailholm from the air (Edition size 50) L104 The Cobby, Kelso (Edition size 50) L109 Elibank Castle (Edition size 50)
L110 Norham Castle (Edition size 50) L111 Royal Tweed Bridge (Edition size 50) L112 The Union Chain Bridge (Edition size 50) L120 St Abbs Head Lighthouse (Edition size 50)
L129 Fatlips Castle (Edition size 50) L131 Cove Harbour at Daybreak (Edition size 50) L132 Dunstanburgh Castle (Edition size 50) L134 Banburgh Beach Ripples (Edition size 50)
L150 The Grey Mares Tail (Edition size 50) L151 The night sky over Fatlips (Edition size 50) L162 Twinlaw Cairns (Edition size 50) L167 Kelso Square (Edition size 50)
L168 Soutra Isle (Edition size 50)