L008 Peniel Heugh Dawn (Edition size 25) L018 Scott's View Panorama (Edition size 10) L026 Ruberslaw (Edition size 5) L028 Old Melrose (Edition size 50)
L031 The Eildons and Leaderfoot (Edition size 50) L036 Bowden through the Trees (Edition size 25) L037 Eildon Panorama 2007 (Edition size 50) L045 Sunset at North Eildon (Edition size 25)
L050 Buachille Etive Mor (Edition size 30) L058 The Eildons from above Scotts View (Edition size 50) L059 Leaderfoot (Edition size 50) L060 Early Morning Light over Tweed Valley (Edition size 50)
L065 Misty Tweed Panorama (Edition size 50) L066 Eildon Mist II (Edition size 50) L068 Snowy Cheviots (Edition size 50) L075 The 9th Green (Edition size 25)
L076 Patterdale and Deepdale (Edition size 30) L100 Abbotsford Panorama (Edition size 50) L103 Breaking through the clouds (Edition size 50) L105 Edinburgh Castle Esplanade (Edition size 30)
L117 The Upper Yarrow Valley (Edition size 50) L118 Derwentwater Panorama (Edition size 30) L122 Brundeanlaws Hills and the Border (Edition size 50) L142 Eildons April Panorama (Edition size 50)
L148 Border Lands (Edition size 25) L160 Snowy Kale Panorama (Edition size 25)